ATCNews’ media partner VoyagesAfriq secures exclusive reporting right for Africa from FITUR

VoyagesAfriq completes deal with FITUR as Africa’s sole media partner


January 21, 2020 Courtesy of Mr. Kojo Bentum-Williams and VoyagesAfriq

Africa’s leading travel and tourism news publisher, VoyagesAfriq (VA) Media Limited has inked a deal with organisers of FITUR Madrid as the event’s sole media part in Africa.

FITUR Madrid is one of the biggest events for tourism and travel industry professionals and stakeholders from around the globe, offering participants a unique platform to meet and network with policy makers, private and public figures and businesses each year.
A special event, “INVESTOUR” is held alongside with focus on driving investment and business partnerships into Africa’s tourism.

The deal, like many others VA continues to secure will see the media company providing extensive coverage of FITUR Madrid starting with this year’s which celebrates 40 years since its inception. Having covered previous editions of the event, the new partnership agreement marks the official engagement between VA and FITUR Madrid.

Managing Editor and Publisher of VoyagesAfriq, Kojo Bentum-Williams says the new deal attests to the company’s growing influence on the continent’s and the larger global tourism scene.
This gives us access to all these high profile personalities who shape the tourism conversation, especially during INVESTOUR where most Tourism Ministers on the continent gather. We also recognise the enormous responsibility this place on us to keep our audience up to date with all that transpires during the event and even after that and we assure our readers and followers that we will not renege in this regard,” he said.

VoyagesAfriq is a leading travel and tourism media that focuses on providing content that informs the African traveller about happenings in the industry. With several years of offering unparalleled coverage of the continent, the media outlet is Africa’s most reliable source of comprehensive and compelling information on travel and tourism.

VoyagesAfriq’s position is further strengthened by strategic partnerships with and the Media India Group’s India Outbound Magazine, a partnership second to none when it comes to covering travel to and across Africa.

This year’s FITUR International Tourism Fair is on from 22-26 Janauary, at IEFMA, Madrid, Spain.