New Onomo Hotel in Maputo to be officially opened in March


(Posted 28th January 2020)

ONOMO Hotels ( continues its development in Southern Africa and across the rest of the continent. The African Hotel Group now confirmed the opening of a new hotel in Maputo, Mozambique, bringing up its network in Southern Africa to 7 hotels, among which 5 in South Africa and one in Rwanda.

With a population of about 23 million, Mozambique has experienced a period of political and social stability that has fostered a good economic performance. The country’s economy has shown increasing growth in recent years, driven by a number of high value-added sectors such as energy and new technologies.

"The opening of a new hotel in Maputo confirms our desire to support Africa’s development. We have succeeded to consolidate a strong network in West Africa, it is time for the group to pursue its development in the Southern part of the Continent. Our choice to set up in this country is motivated by the positive trend of the Mozambican economy and the changes in society’s lifestyles. The country presents a great opportunity we decided to take", said Cedric Guilleminot, CEO of ONOMO Hotels Group.
Onomo also described its hallmarks and key operational aspects when they told ATCNews:

A new hotel experience

ONOMO Hotel Maputo, which officially opened its doors on December 01st last year, is a subtle blend contemporary art and African culture, in other words a truly contemporary hotel with a casual chic style.

The hotel is located on Avenida 25 de Setembro, in the heart of downtown Maputo, the city’s historic and business center. Nearby are the ancient fortress, the tram station, the "Casa Amarela" (Yellow House), which has maintained its original Indo-Portuguese architecture, and the central market. Nearby are also the JAT Business District, Maputo City Hall, Independence Square, the Supreme Court, the Tunduru Botanical Garden and the Sports Pavilion. All this, combined with its location only 25 minutes from the airport, make ONOMO Maputo the ideal hotel for travellers.

With its 165 comfortably equipped rooms, ONOMO Maputo is one of the largest hotels in the city and promises a new and different hotel experience. Its bright colours and urban trendy decoration, with local touches, offer a refreshing and energetic environment for work, entertainment and dining.

The hotel’s magnificent rooftop and its infinity pool complete this hotel experience.

The Homefeel At Onomo Hotel Maputo

ONOMO Hotel Maputo showcases the spirit of the ONOMO brand. The hotel inspires its sense of welcome from the values of the continent and puts customer satisfaction on top of its priorities relying on its professional and passionate team to deliver the best experience.

The staff is smiling, available, helpful and attentive. At ONOMO, they are called "Heartbeats" because they are the ones who make the hotels’ hearts beat and carry the brand’s DNA.

O’smile to get off on the right foot

A sure value symbolizing hospitality and African joie de vivre, the smile you will find at ONOMO is frank, warm and above all, contagious and it shows the smiles come from the heart.

O’culture, a richness for the spirit

Africa abounds in talent and creativity and the ONOMO Group makes sure to highlight African culture and support the continent’s talents in many ways. Thus, under the label "Africa’s Finest", the group multiplies partnerships with African artists and creators through exhibitions, fashion shows, culinary workshops, private concerts, among others, to show the world what Africans can create.

O’Taste, delightful!

The restaurants of ONOMO hotels are open to all, to meet with friends or colleagues for a meal or original cocktails and tapas with Afro-fusion flavors, honoring local products. Local and international specialties are served side by side, with 3 main features: freshness, seasonality and creativity, and ONOMO Hotel Maputo’s cuisine is no exception to this rule.

Onomo Hotels acquired a controlling stake in BON Hotels, another African hospitality group, during the second half of 2019 and while the two hotel groups, for the time being, are operated along stand alone lines, will reservations, sales and marketing activities begin to be aligned to start taking advantage of synergy effects.
Additional projects are underway in Dar es Salaam and Kampala it was learned but as previously intimated does the hotel group also eye Nairobi and Addis Ababa besides additional locations yet to be confirmed.

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