Angela Njehia presents: TierraNjani Africa – Sustainability incorporated!


(Posted 03rd February 2020)

After 13 years of working in Tour Operations, Angela Njehia, former Leisure Travel Manager of Lets Go Travel Uniglobe is now a partner and director of a Tourism Development firm, based in Nairobi but operating across Africa, known as Tierranjani Africa. She over the years championed Sustainable Tourism in Kenya and has been a forefront voice on Responsible Tourism in Africa.

A household name in the Kenyan tourism industry, Angela spoke to on her new professional outfit as we sought to understand what we would expect from her and Tierranjani Africa team.

Tierranjani Africa is a Sustainable Tourism Development company which focuses on building capacity for tourism and travel related organizations, tourism associations, destinations, conservation organizations, community based tourism organizations and local governments through strategic partnerships and networks with like-minded organizations and individuals globally.

One must recognize that Sustainability is not something that one person or one organization can tackle alone; it’s not a thing of the scientists, but something that requires collective effort and action, as well as structure. With a smile did Angela add that there is a reason why the 17th SDG on partnerships existed. Their services will focus on delivering innovative and sustainable tourism solutions and approaches that can be adapted to future proof tourism businesses and destinations whilst contributing to Sustainable development in Africa.

Angela further added, “I have been in operations basically my whole entire career and I know what works and what doesn’t work when you talk about sustainable models in an organization. I am a product of what can work and what doesn’t work. My business partner has extensive background globally in tourism development and I have experience in tourism operations. If you are a tourism organization looking into becoming sustainable inclusive, you want learn from those who have tried it and that is why we are building capacity through a collective network to exchange and develop solutions collectively.”

Angela is discussing the topic this week in Uganda with her presentation set for the afternoon of Tuesday 4th of February on Sustainable Tourism Operations and Accommodations. Readers in Kampala are welcome to the talk and interact with her, have a conversation and learn how you can make your business / organization sustainable inclusive. You may also send her an email on angela

In a parting question ATCNews asked her: Why Sustainable Tourism Development and she said “The UN called 2020 a decade of action, I am just living the part. We must take action regardless how small it is, it will make an impact.”

Well done indeed Angela for living your dream and putting your money where your mouth is and was for the past decade plus!

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