Cabo Verde Airlines appoints new CEO


(Posted 05th February 2020)

Erlendur Svavarsson is the new Chief Executive Officer of Cabo Verde Airlines (CVA), replacing Jens Bjarnason, who has served as CEO since the beginning of 2019.

Erlendur Svavarsson has been appointed CEO as part of the ongoing management agreement between Loftleidir Icelandic and Cabo Verde Airlines. Majority shareholder Loftleidir Cabo Verde, holds 51% of the shares of Cabo Verde Airlines.

SVP Sales and Marketing at Loftleidir Icelandic since 2010, Erlendur Svavarsson has worked for Loftleidir Icelandic and other Icelandair companies in various senior management and board member roles since 2003, and has been a board member of Cabo Verde Airlines since the beginning of 2019. He was also involved in the process of the privatization of the Cape Verdean airlines, which was concluded in March 2019.

The new CEO of CVA holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Iceland, an MBA degree from Reykjavik University and an AMP (Advanced Management Program) from Harvard Business School.

Cabo Verde Airlines remains committed to its vision of connecting four continents – North America, South America, Europe and Africa via Cabo Verde.

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