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Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management

Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management

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The Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) industry is evolving at a rapid pace for both recreational and commercial purposes. Therefore, a key consideration is how this new technology will impact aviation stakeholders. Governments, regulators and airlines are all required to understand and apply UAS Traffic Management (UTM) to ensure the safe integration of new entrants into the shared airspace.

Recognizing the demand for bridging the gap between manned and unmanned aviation, IATA has taken the initiative to deliver the recommended UTM knowledge as an online course, from a manned aviation perspective. This training will not only raise educational awareness for key stakeholders but also provide an opportunity for advocacy and education of IATA’s key industry positions on all matters pertaining to UAS and relevant subjects from the manned aviation sector.

The Fundamentals of UAS Traffic Management course intends to be web-based using a blended learning methodology. This will include the use of e-learning modules, interviews (live and recorded), and webinars sessions. The training is targeted to be deployed by January 2021 to the global aviation community.

To this end we have prepared a brief survey, which will assist us in the final design and deployment of the course.

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