Ethiopia’s Civil Aviation Authority scores new performance record after #ICAO audit


Posted 07th February 2020

The latest scheduled ICAO audit of Ethiopia’s Civil Aviation vis a vis compliance with global aviation regulatory bodies standards has revealed an astonishing result.
ECAA scored a record 91.78 percent compliance, which puts it head and shoulders above second placed Ghana with 89 percent, Egypt with 87 percent and leaving fancied South Africa with 84 percent outside Africa’s top three.
The rest of East Africa’s civil aviation bodies compared poorly with the top three results.

Shimeles Kebreab, ECAA’s Deputy Director for Air Navigation, commented on the result as follows: ‘This is the highest score that we attained and it is the highest grade in Africa. This means that the national carrier, Ethiopian Airlines, can fly to anywhere in the world. We should all be proud of this remarkable result‘.

He then continued to say: ‘The national airline is growing fast. It has more than 106 modern aircraft. It operates to more than 120 destinations. And we should be able to inspect all these modern aircraft. That is why ICAO’s audit on ECAA is very tough‘.

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