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February 2020
Newsletter from Shaf Syed, Managing Director
New Revamped Website
Updated Schedule
The Romance of Flying Safari
Greetings Partners,

I want to take this opportunity to welcome you all back to work although am sure most of us will have been back for quite some time, with the busy booking season. On behalf of Coastal, I do wish everyone a happy, prosperous and rewarding New Year. We have an exciting year ahead of us, am sure with its own set of challenges, but we know we’re in good stead with you and all of our other partners.

We continue to remain focussed on the safety of our passengers and staff. Having completed a full year with our 2-crew MCC (Multi-Crew Coordinated) cockpit, we are now delving deeper. Our managers and crew go through regular re-evaluation – there is a constant eye on our day-to-day operations and ensuring that we are following our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). It is an everlasting journey with an elusive destination, but contributes to passenger reassurance and comfort. That chronic sense of unease is what will keep us alert and ready to respond.

In the meantime, we have some exciting new developments planned.

New Revamped Website


We hope you like the new look and feel of our refreshed website. We have endeavoured to make it easier to find all the key information, whilst starting the safari experience from that first click on www.coastal.co.tz

If you have any feedback or comments, please feel free to drop me a line.


Updated Schedule

As we continue to improve our services, we have an updated schedule with price list.

Download the updated 2020/2021 schedule

To add onto that, we have responded to your comments and feedback on the Kigali route.

With effect from 1st June 2020, we will be flying from Serengeti to Kigali, arriving at lunchtime and returning back to Serengeti a little while thereafter. This will reduce overnighting in Kigali and will allow your guests to spend more time in the lodges and up in the charged atmosphere of the gorilla mountains. In the meantime, as we enter into this low season, we will reduce frequency to Kigali to 3 times a week, with the previous overnighting schedule.

Kindly click the link below to view the main changes.
Coastal Flight Changes

For more details please do not hesitate to contact us at +255 699 999 999 ext 200 or drop us an email at reservations

The romance of flying safari

The romance of flying Safari starts from the moment you get on the plane. Looking at the world beneath you, drea0badacf6-37b5-445c-8cb8-61a9b4f672dd.png

ming absently into the clouds whilst gazing out into the never ending blue. The sight of the plane rumbling up, wheels lifting off and the tarmac fading into the distance and eventually the world whisking by faster than you know it – pure magic!

Flying in a small aircraft at generally lower altitudes, enables you to catch the most amazing panoramic views of the bush or the beach.

It’s an exclusive experience as you board our aircraft, with the opportunity to connect and engage with our flight crew, or your guides in the air. As you traverse across the landscape comfortably and at speed, you have a birds’ eye view of all the amazing goings-on in Tanzania – whether it is the majestic spectacle of Mount Kilimanjaro, the pristine white beaches along the coastline or the splendour of the Great Migration across the plains of the Serengeti.

Nothing really compares!

Click the link to watch the Romance of Flying Safari


Thank you & Safari Njema!

Shaf Syed

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