Uganda Airlines confirms Kinshasa as future destination


(Posted 12th February 2020)

Just weeks after announcing Johannesburg as their next planned destination has Uganda Airlines now also confirmed that Kinshasa will be next on the carrier’s horizon.
Presently operating a fleet of 4 CRJ900 aircraft and flying to 8 destinations out of the airline’s hub in Entebbe, has UR set itself targets to offer a growing number of key African destinations to travelers from and to Uganda while at the same time competing favourably over fares with established airlines.
Johannesburg, according to many readers polled by ATCNews, in fact cannot come soon enough after South African Airways announced they will formally drop Entebbe and leave the route to Airlink, regularly critiqued for their frugal catering for a 4 hour flight.
Kinshasa flights from Entebbe, when launched, will equally provide relief from having to travel through the hubs of other airlines, especially when their on time departure records are far from satisfactory, while Uganda Airlines has kept their flight dispatch percentage well above their nearest competitors.
As and when the launch dates have been confirmed to ATCNews will the information, and launch fares, be published here.
Meanwhile check out for added information on schedules and fares.

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