#AfricanParks celebrate 20 years of successes

20 Years of Hope. 20 Years of Results.
20 years ago, we faced what seemed like an impossible challenge: protecting Africa’s national parks before it was too late. In Malawi, wildlife reserves had been completely poached out and trees were being felled for charcoal. In Chad, 4,000 elephants were being slaughtered as the illegal wildlife trade destabilised entire regions. All across Africa, we saw parks being imperiled by mounting pressures, creating vulnerability for thousands of species and hundreds of thousands of people.

However, we realised that by assuming complete responsibility of park management in partnership with Governments, by committing to being there long-term, that together we could restore these landscapes and unlock their ecological, socio-political and economic value for the people who needed it the most.

Today, with 17 parks under management in 11 countries spanning over 13 million hectares, our actions are helping to build a more sustainable future. We’ve been able to restore endangered wildlife to their historic ranges; we’ve reduced poaching to record lows; and have brought jobs, healthcare, and education to thousands of people.

But this is only possible due to our Government partners across Africa and our steadfast supporters, who are walking hand in hand with us in this journey towards a brighter future.

You are a part of this story, of realising hope for so many people and countless wildlife across Africa.

For that, we just wanted to say Thank You. We couldn’t do this without you.

We’ve had 20 years of results, and we’re not stopping here. We’ve got our eye on the future – for all we can accomplish together in the next 20 years.

From everyone at African Parks, thank you for your support.

Watch Our Thank You Video

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