#AfricanParks – Another Success Story

The Doctor Who Delivers Hope in Odzala

Dear ATCNews Readers,

People in the villages know me as ‘Dr. John from Odzala’ and it fills me with pride to be working on behalf of Odzala-Kokoua National Park, serving the local communities.

What motivated me to work here in Odzala was both the critical care people need living in this remote landscape, and this deep love that I’ve always had for nature. Everyone needs care – humans and wildlife alike. And, in helping the communities here, I know I’m also helping the elephants, the gorillas, and all the other animals who rely on Odzala-Kokou National Park in the Congo Basin – the green heart of Africa.

My truck is my hospital. At times, I drive this mobile health unit over 600 km to see a single village. People’s lives depend on me showing up, again and again.

Thanks to our partners at the EU and Nature+, we’ve been able to help the most vulnerable communities living around the park. And this year, our goal is to reach 72 villages ensuring that at least 10,000 people get the healthcare they need.

Watch this video to see the impact we’re making, and the hope we’re delivering to so many people.

Watch Now
Please consider donating today to support initiatives like these, which aid our mobile health units, build maternity wards, and support other community-based projects. These projects don’t only build a constituency for conservation, they change people’s lives.


Dr. John
Odzala-Kokoua National Park
Republic of the Congo

P.S. When you donate to African Parks, thanks to our endowment and support from our Boards, 100% of your donation goes directly to the parks to support projects like these.

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