#GrumetiAir also seeks carbon neutrality for their operations

Did you know?

Grumeti Air offsets all its carbon footprint!

As part of its Corporate and Social Responsibility strategy, Grumeti Air has been working with Carbon Tanzania and offsetting all aircraft fuel emissions since the 1st of January 2019.

Very well. But what does it mean, concretely?

Reducing deforestation and forest degradation from destructive land conversion methods, such as slash and burn, is one of the cheapest yet most effective ways to offset carbon emissions.
In Tanzania we are very fortunate to have intact forests that we can protect rather than having to replant.

Grumeti Air specifically supports the Yaeda Valley REDD+ Project, not far from the Serengeti and Ngorongoro: in just one year we have offset 523 tonnes of co2, which equates to the protection of over 500 Umbrella thorn acacia trees from being cut down in the Yaeda Valley in the same period.
The payment Grumeti Air makes flows directly to the Hadza communities who protect their forest. The communities use the revenue earned to employ Community Forest Scout to patrol the forest, to provide a secondary education to their children, to provide 6 monthly outreach clinics and to fund other community development projects and services.

It is important to highlight that the carbon offset is not a "opt-in/opt-out” item on our tickets: we believe that you cannot be a part-time eco warrior, so we just want to be a full time one!

Therefore whenever you are flying Grumeti Air, be it a private or shared charter, you can be reassured that you are always flying green, at no additional cost!

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