#BrusselsAirlines continues to support local tourism events


(Posted 23rd February 2020)

The Kayak the Nile festival, which was held earlier in February, once again attracted large crowds to the upper Nile valley, where the event took place.
The 2020 Nile River Festival was held as a four-day event that made the most of some of the biggest rapids in the world and celebrated all that is awesome about the River Nile and the surrounding area, here in Uganda.
Every year, the NRF draws some of the best athletes from around the world to compete for the overall champion’s title. There are four days of events hosted by Kayak the Nile in association with the Nile River Explorers Camp. The event is also partnering with the Kayak Session Magazine to cover the festival and bring it to a global audience.
Brussels Airlines, as has been the case over the past decades, again was on board and supported the event as one of the major sponsors.
Uganda is well known as an adventure destination – besides offering some great safari experiences, the most primates of any African country, mountaineering, birding as well as niche tourism events such as the celebration of Martyrs’ Day.
Brussels Airlines flies daily to Entebbe, using an Airbus A330-300 for the service which routes once a week via Bujumbura and six times a week via Kigali.

To receive event updates and information about the 2021 dates, check out https://www.facebook.com/kayakthenile/

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