Cabo Verde Airlines suspends flights to Italy


(Posted 27th February 2020)

Following the decision of the Government of Cabo Verde to suspend all flights between Italy and Cabo Verde until at least the 20th of March due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, Cabo Verde Airlines has implemented a strategy to protect all passengers with flights booked for the mentioned period.

As part of the passenger’s protection strategy, passengers with tickets in the referred period that have not yet started their journeys (whether between Cabo Verde / Italy / Cabo Verde and with origin / destination elsewhere in the CVA network via Cabo Verde), will be able to rebook tickets for dates after the restriction period without any penalties (COVID-19 reissue code) or get a full refund of the unused ticket or part of the ticket unused in case they have already started their journey before this restriction.

Passengers may consult Cabo Verde Airlines’ passenger protection strategy and other updates on

Cabo Verde Airlines ensures to be following all International Air Transport Association (IATA) recommendations, as we as World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendations and maintains constant contact with local authorities in order to keep its passengers and crew safe.

The decision deals a blow to both airline as well as the resorts on the main islands of Cabo Verde, where Italian tourists are regular visitors and with the suspension of one of the routes to Brazil is the tourism industry on Cabo Verde now strategizing how best to cope with these developments.

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