#COVID19 – Spread and Recommendations


(Posted 27th February 2020)

The Corona Virus outbreak, now also known as COVID-19, has the potential to wreak havoc for the global travel and meeting industry.
IATA estimates that up to 30 billion US Dollars could be lost by global airlines as a result of the drop in demand and while ICCA claims that presently only 4 percent of global meetings would be affected, this estimate – given the rise in infection numbers and the spread across the globe – could equally rise much further.

ATCNews has collected and is sharing recommendations for travelers on how to prepare for travel:

Check up to date travel health recommendations on your Country Information pages, and if you require further advice, speak to your GP, practice nurse, pharmacist or travel clinic.

If you are elderly or have pre-existing health issues, you should be aware that if you are infected with COVID-19 you could be at increased risk of severe infection.

Be aware of, and keep up to date with the latest official advice offered by the country you are departing from or travelling to during this COVID-19 outbreak.

If you are travelling from your own country, check the up to date guidance from your health ministry’s website and for information on any travel restrictions foreign travel advice; (look for the summary, health and entry requirements sections). You can also find general travel health advice for each destination on our Country Information pages.

Check the impact this outbreak may have on your travel insurance coverage, including medical repatriation costs in case of ill health or any new restrictions on travel. If in doubt check with your insurer on travel insurance implications following the outbreak.

Contact your airline, tour operator, cruise line or other transport and accommodation providers for up-to-date information on your itinerary and travel plans.

Be aware that there may be enhanced screening/monitoring at entry and exit ports. You may also be required to self-isolate for a set period, even if you do not have symptoms on your return home, which may not be covered by medical leave unless you traveled on behalf of your employer.

ATCNews wishes all readers set to travel a safe journey and a healthy and happy return home.

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