Kilavuka confirmed as Kenya Airways CEO


(Posted 27th February 2020)

Usually well informed sources close to the airline have earlier today confirmed that Allan Kilavuka was appointed as substantive CEO of Kenya Airways, the financially ailing national airline of Kenya.
The same source also suggested that an international head hunt yielded no tangible results as potential candidates at an early stage already signalled their lack of interest, no surprise there given the dismal performance of the previous office holder, one Sebastian Mikosz.
Allan Kilavuka was initially called upon to act as CEO, coming from the KQ subsidiary Jambojet where he will remain CEO until a replacement has been put in place.
Kenya Airways Chairman Michael Joseph welcomed the support of the board of directors in having the appointment of Kilavuka confirmed when he said: ‘It is particularly gratifying for me that the board agreed to support the appointment of Allan to the full role of substantive CEO‘.
Joseph himself is no longer free of critique from colleagues on the board or the general public, given the role he played hand in hand with Mikosz and it remains to be seen when changes to the board of directors will be made and who the casualties will be.
The airline has meanwhile spoken about further anticipated losses in the region of an additional 8 million US Dollars as a result of having to halt flights to China. Full financial year results – January 2019 to December 2019 – are expected to be announced by the end of March or in early April are subsequently feared to be much worse than originally suggested when the profit warnings were sounded during the last quarter to 2019.

ATCNews wishes Allan the best of success in his new position and better fortunes than his predecessor enjoyed.

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