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March 2020
Newsletter from Shaf Syed, Managing Director
Habari (Greetings) Partners,
It is a pleasure to be writing this newsletter once again.

Here in Tanzania, we are heading into the rainy, low season, as we make preparations for the high season, which will follow swiftly thereafter. As ever, global events may impact our business, but we continue to monitor the situation and ensure that we are in a state of increasing preparedness.

That said, our belief and hope is that Tanzania with its pristine beaches and the iconic Serengeti is still a “bucket list” destination and could provide welcome relief from the fast paced or disturbing events elsewhere in the world.

We invite you to take a look at our monthly news and updates below.

THE SERENGETI … need we say more
When planning a trip to explore Tanzania’s incredible wildlife, you should not miss the Serengeti and the Great Migration. The annual migration of giant herds of wildebeest, zebras, lions, and many other species, across Northern Tanzania and Kenya is a spectacular event.

Coastal operates regularly to more than 10 airstrips across the Serengeti, saving you time on the ground and connecting you to the centre of the action. Airstrips include: Kogatende, Lamai, Lobo, Singita, Grumeti, Fort Ikoma, Seronera, Serengeti South, Ndutu, Mwiba, and many more.

Anywhere else you’d like, we’ll make a plan!

Once you’ve toured around the national park, a visit to the World Heritage-listed crater, a part of the Ngorongoro Conservation area, is a must; home to some 25,000 wild animals, including endangered Black Rhinos and the densest concentration of lions in the world.

Lake Manyara is the staging point for this ecosystem that is part of The Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Coastal has multiple daily flights into Lake Manyara, so you can choose the timings that suit you. On take-off, be sure to enjoy the breath-taking views of the landscape below you!

Once you’re done with the safari, hop onto a Coastal plane and fly directly to one of the most famous of tropical destinations, Zanzibar. We also serve other secluded beach destinations for some of the more experienced travellers and divers, including Pemba, Mafia, Songo Songo for Fanjove.

After the safari, getting to the beach couldn’t happen fast enough. So in the high season, we are working with another large aircraft operator to provide a fast daily connection from Serengeti direct to Zanzibar. The timings are perfect, so that you can have a leisurely start to your day from Serengeti and arrive into Zanzibar for lunch!

This direct Serengeti to Zanzibar flight (CQ504) is now available for booking on our system

Finally, a wildly extravagant yet sustainable vacation you can feel good about, Gorilla trekking in Rwanda, that generates funds that help sustain these rare primates in the Volcanic mountains. We will be changing our schedule from 1st June 2020, so that you can leave the Serengeti in the morning, arrive into Kigali before lunchtime and reach your waiting bath at your lodge in the mountains, before sundowners!

For the reverse journey, you can leave your lodge in the morning, catch the lunchtime Coastal flight and be in the Serengeti in time to watch the sun set.

Look out for CQ231, departing Serengeti @ 09:15, arriving in Kigali @ 11:00 Kigali time, and then returning as CQ232 @ 12:00 Kigali time, to be in the Serengeti around 15:50. Don’t forget these times only start from 1st June 2020.

For the Primates’ lovers, we also offer a detour to Tanzania’s often forgotten corner … to visit the chimps in Rubondo Island. Traveling to this corner of the country still has a fascination of those lost forgotten days of intrepid explorers. Your own adventure to “a Jurassic Park” island, a mass of green forest only broken up by the airstrip serving it, an eco-haven too for those that want to slow the pace down!

The CQ231 and CQ232 flights also serve Rubondo, where our customers can combine the “once in a lifetime” experience of the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda with the variety of chimpanzees, monkeys and other primates of Tanzania.

Plenty to celebrate this month. We are happy to celebrate our diversity and concerns. Let’s celebrate all women in this colorful month and sustain all life on Earth.

We wish you all;

  • Happy World Wildlife Day
  • Happy Holi
  • and Happy Women’s Day
SCHEDULE 2021/2022
Take a look at our updated schedule from the link below, which will capture all that has been described above. From the footprints of the Big Five to the tracks of the Gorillas, explore the unbeaten adventure with Coastal’s new flight schedule.

Download the updated schedule

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