Alain St. Ange demands a Presidential Debate for upcoming elections in Seychelles


(Posted 03rd March 2020)

A call is made for a first ever Presidential Debate in Seychelles for the coming 2020 election

With more and more candidates throwing their hats into the ring for the Presidential elections, and challenging the status quo of having the same faces or political flags crop up in the ballot box again and again, One Seychelles political party led by Alain St.Ange is once more calling for a Presidential Debate.

It is widely believed that the incumbent US party and the LDS opposition party in the National Assembly will be joined by Patrick Pillay’s LS party and Alain St.Ange’s One Seychelles party.

Democracy needs to start with an open Presidential Debate. The electorate would benefit from the opportunity to see all key aspiring leaders being pitted against one another, with topical issues being thrown at them from a skilled moderator. How each individual responds under pressure and in an adversarial context where the playing field has been levelled between the candidates would give voters a clearer insight into the priorities, values and traits of each candidate.

There will be no hiding or sweeping uncomfortable or controversial topics under the rug. The public deserves full transparency from the individual they are considering electing into Higher Office.

We at One Seychelles are ready for a No Holds Barred Presidential Debate. Can the same be said for the others” said Mr. St.Ange, a former Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine. St. Ange was earlier awarded damages in a case against the Seychelles government which on the eve of the lasts UNWTO elections, where he was considered a front runner for the post of Secretary General, inexplicably withdrew their required support despite earlier assurances to the contrary. St. Ange has appealed the element of the ruling which deals with the level of his compensation.

Seychelles has never had a Presidential Debate during its election process and this call is set to shake those sitting comfortably in their positions.