#Seychelles closes ports for cruise ships


(Posted 10th March 2020)

News came in from the Seychelles a short while ago that the government has prematurely ended the current cruise ship season with a decree to close the ports for all international cruise liners – until further notice.
The decision, taken to keep the CoronaVirus out of the islands, met with mixed reaction across the country’s tourism industry, which according to one source will now see cruise ships already enroute to the Seychelles have to bypass port Victoria. This will mean companies contracted to supply the ship will lose their business but also tour and taxi operators, curio sellers and other service providers like restaurants will count their losses.
The ‘Norwegian Spirit‘ which was due to dock at port Victoria this morning, was alerted to the new measures and was sent on to their next port of call and other cruise liners expected in coming weeks too have been told to bypass the Seychelles.
This follows close on the heels of one of the Costa vessels reaching the Seychelles last week with no passenger or crew being allowed to disembark before sailing on to their next destination. The Costa cruiser was on anchorage near the island of Praslin, not being permitted to the port of Victoria, before leaving Seychelles’ waters.

Following the loss of the Chinese and Italian markets and the challenges with other key markets from Europe, such as Germany and France which are greatly affected by the #COVID19 outbreak, is Seychelles Tourism struggling to keep arrival numbers up, aircraft seats and beds filled and the number one economic sector in the islands continuing to provide income and employment.

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