#AviaDevAfrica reluctantly shifts to a September date


(Posted 12th March 2020)

Jon Howell, founder and CEO of AviaDevAfrica, yesterday – and with much regret – announced a shift in dates for what has become Africa’s premier aviation summit dealing with connectivity challenges across the continent.
With many participants coming from countries hard hit by the current #COVID19 pandemic, did AviaDev reluctantly decide to shift the summit to a later time this year, which was initially to take place from 06th to 08th of May.

The new dates have been set for 28th to 30th of September, and the venue will remain the Novotel Convention Centre & Spa in Antananarivo / Madagascar.

The decision will put further pressure on the organizers of other similar conferences across Africa, which will be attended by many foreign nationals, to consider their own positions.

Kenya and Uganda have already cancelled all meetings with broader international participation, to prevent the spread of the virus. In fact has Uganda announced a growing list of Category 1 countries which nationals are banned from coming to Uganda, while travelers from countries in Category 2 receive ‘recommendations’ on arrival at Entebbe International Airport and the landborders of Uganda, to enter ‘self quarantine’ of 14 days, a measure which for all intent and purpose will severely reduce arrival numbers.
Airlines flying to Uganda from Europe are presently consulting, among themselves, with their home based health authorities and with Ugandan authorities about the way forward, considering that passenger numbers are reducing to loadfactors too low to viably operate flights.