Serena Hotels changes their cancellation policy to reflect the #COVID19 crisis


(Posted 12th March 2020)

Dear ATCNews Readers and Business Partners,

Serena Hotels recognizes that in the current uncertain climate, potential clients wishing to travel in the near future may be uncomfortable with making booking commitments.

We wish to assure you that in response to the continued developments with the COVID-19 outbreak around the world, we have taken extra steps to ensure our customers’ health & comfort, and provide them with confidence and peace of mind during their stay at Serena Hotels.

We believe it is in our interest that every effort is made to encourage clients to continue booking and wish to assure you that we will be flexible in respect to booking terms and conditions during this sensitive period by accommodating requests for waiver of cancellation charges, special consideration on deposits / final payments or postponement of travel in a bid to encourage clients to book in advance.

March to June 2020
Serena Hotels will not raise any cancellation charges for bookings cancelled for travel period between now and End June 2020. except for the below:

  • For bookings cancelled within 7 days of arrival at the respective property a cancellation fee of 25% will be levied.
  • For group bookings with special terms and conditions.
  • We will hold credit for all deposits and payments already made and these can
    transferred to another booking or held for future use.

Peak Season : July to September
It is our expectation that there should be minimal cancellations for the peak season.
However, we request that you engage with all your partners to ensure that we get early updates on any intended
cancellations or deferred bookings and this will also enable us manage your new booking requests more efficiently.

To manage this period, we have reviewed our cancellation policy to as below:

  • Any booking cancelled within 25 days of arrival – 100% cancellation charge will be levied.
  • For prepayment accounts, all bookings must have at least 50% deposit 65 days before arrival and balance
    must be received at least 30 days prior to arrival.

Shoulder Season October to mid December 2020
Release period reduced to 7 days.
Deposit and payments as per contract.

We thank you for your support and rest assured of our commitment to work closely with you during this difficult phase.

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