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Dear ATCNews Readers,

As the world faces what has been declared a global pandemic, we at Ol Pejeta Conservancy are continuing to observe the developments and take steps to ensure the safety of our staff, our guests and our wildlife. We are cautiously optimistic in the fact that Kenya only has three reported cases at the moment and that our government has implemented extraordinary measures to restrict the spread of the virus. We praise them for their immediate and swift action.

Since you are an Ol Pejeta supporter and might have some questions about how we are coping, we wanted to share the following with you:

  • Your bookings. We understand that travel all over the world is being restricted and so we have decided to implement reservations for any assistance you may require – they will be pleased to help you.
  • We are taking precautions for our wildlife. As of yesterday, all Behind the Scenes Visits to the Chimpanzees have been suspended. Great apes are so closely related to humans that we will not take any chances of them being infected with the virus. This is likely to continue until Kenya is free and clear of the infection.
  • We are taking precautions for our staff. We are educating Ol Pejeta employees about the virus and following the guidelines established by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Kenyan Government. We have displayed information on all notice boards around the Conservancy and are keeping our clinic open 24/7 should someone need immediate assistance.
  • We are taking precautions for our guests. Again, we are following all Government and WHO guidelines and continue to ensure the highest standards of general and personal hygiene in our facilities and amongst our staff.

We wish everyone to stay safe and strong during these challenging times. We appreciate your continued support and endorsement; it means the world to us. In spite of all of this, we do feel there is a bright side: it gives us time to stop, breathe, re-evaluate and re-focus. The beginning of this decade is critical for environmental action and for ensuring the health of our planet. We hope that in these difficult times, local and global populations come together to make changes for the better.

Richard Vigne
Managing Director
Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Ol Pejeta is a non-profit wildlife conservancy in Kenya supporting endangered species, tourism and community outreach.

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