– Coronavirus pandemic: South Africa introduces new visa rules for high and medium risk countries!

South Africa has withdrawn visa expemtions for travellers from eight COVID-19 high risk countries and from three COVID-19 medium risk countries. As of today (19 March 2020), the following eleven countries are affected by the new regulation: Germany, Italy, South Korea, Spain, United Kingdom, United States of America, France and Switzerland (all classified as high risk countries), as well as Hong Kong, Portugal and Singpore (all medium risk countries). No foreign national departing from high risk countries is allowed to enter South Africa. In addition, South Africa has revoked with immediate effect all visas issued to citizens from Iran and China. According to South Africa’s Department of Home Affairs (DHA), these are temporary measures and are applicable until further notice.

DHA: Temporary measures in respect of foreign nationals in light of the COVID-19 epidemic >>

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