#EthiopianAirlines announces suspension of 30 destinations


(Posted 20th March 2020)

Ethiopian Airlines, during a press briefing earlier today, confirmed that many destinations with various degrees of travel bans, are now seeing flights suspended to meet local regulations.
CEO Tewolde Gebremariam also said that the airline was facing major losses, to the tune of up to 190 million US Dollars, as a result of the Corona Virus outbreak causing the loss of passengers, and now also of routes. He described the situation as the airline’s worst crisis ever.
At the same time it became known that any foreign passenger disembarking in Addis Ababa, will have to undergo a self paid 14 day quarantine at prescribed locations, to combat a further spread of the disease more effectively.

The announcement suggests that this move to suspend routes was not entirely voluntary, as the airline to this day is one of the very few still flying to China, the original hotbed of #COVID19 and has only days ago pulled out of Milan, Europe’s top hotspot of infections.

Some of the destinations named were among others:

Egypt, Lebanon, Somalia, Djibouti, Namibia, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Chad, Madagascar, Angola, Congo, Mali, Senegal, Rwanda, South Africa, but also all US destinations, Canada, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Indonesia and Israel.

ATCNews has requested a full list of the suspended destinations but mails and messages went unanswered by the time of uploading this article. Once the information is confirmed by the airline will ATCNews provide an update.

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