#COVID19 hits two more African countries


(Posted 22nd March 2020)

In his second address to the nation has President Museveni yesterday evening announced that Uganda will close her borders and international airport, effective Monday 23rd of March.
No busses, passenger cars and of course passenger flights will be allowed to enter the country with the exception of trucks bringing in goods, relief flights and cargo flights – crews are subject to quarantine if not returning with the aircraft – while the order also applies to pedestrians or cyclists wishing to cross into Uganda.
The President attributed the added measures to what he called ‘indiscipline’ of individuals who had come to Uganda during the past few days and tried to sneak out of quarantine.

A national prayer meeting was held before the presidential address.

Meanwhile has it emerged in the latest reports from WHO that both Eritrea and also Uganda have reported their first single cases each, bringing the total of African countries affected to now 42 overall.
With the country going into lockdown mode now will ATCNews continue to report from home, having done the last ‘survey’ of the situation in the hotel sector on Friday, which will be subject to another separate report.

I wish all my readers to be safe and stay in touch by mail, message or comments on articles – and until we meet again in person after we have overcome the biggest challenge mankind faces in my lifetime.

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