Kampala’s top hotels lead in safety measures to keep staff and guests safe


(A warm welcome by Serena’s F&B Director James Odenyo – Namaste style)

Kampala Serena, Kampala Sheraton Hotel, Mestil Hotel & Residences, Le Petit Village Hotel, Le Gourmet, La Patisserie, Le Chateau Brasserie Belge stand out from the crowd

(Posted 23rd March 2020)

(Gloved kitchen and service staff is now standard operating procedure)

(Greetings today retain a safe distance or else using the Indian Namaste method)

On Friday last week, ahead of the weekend announcement that Uganda has recorded its first case of #COVID19, were several hotels and also the food outlets on #QualityHill on the visiting agenda for ATCNews.

From the Kampala Serena to the Sheraton Hotel Kampala to Mestil Hotel & Residences to the three food outlets on Quality Hill, did an inspection reveal the kind of measures put into place by the operators of those facilities.

Sanitizers are in use at all the locations already at the first security check point and then again at the entrance of the hotels. In addition have these gadgets been deployed across the hotels and in particular in the washrooms, all aimed to give guests and staff plenty of opportunities to clean hands and disinfect them.

(Health and safety first)


ATCNews has been asked many questions over the past weeks and more so since COVID19 took hold across most of East Africa about the standards in kitchens of leading hotels and restaurants and a look behind the scenes showed that kitchen and service staff do not just wear surgical gloves but are also constantly changing them while at that stage also washing and sanitizing their hands.

(Mestil Hotel & Residences – as seen at the main gate where a general security check is carried out and then again at the main entrance)

At Mestil can guests as well as staff sanitize from the main entrance to the reception and on to the restaurants, according to General Manager Mr. Basil Hamadeh a quintessential element, for actual health and safety but also for the improved perception guests will have when coming to the hotel.
In fact are even temperature gadgets used to check out visitors, to further improve their safe environment.

(Sanitizers at Mestil’s kitchen entrance, inside the kitchen and also at the restaurant)

This extends to the restaurant as well as to the public washrooms, to give guests every opportunity to stay safe when visiting.


At the Sheraton do similar procedures apply now, starting from the main entrance gate into the compound and then again when entering the hotel through the security checkpoint.

(Sanitation in place from the entrance security checkpoint to the elevators, of course the reception and the restaurants at the Sheraton Kampala Hotel)

At the restaurants are sanitizers in place for both staff and guests, who are actively encouraged to use them, before, during and after meals.


Notably have these hotels as a first step given annual leave and paid for off days to staff, not at this stage resorting to any major layoffs, something a number of local hotel operators should take a leaf from who are reportedly in the process of laying staff off.

Meanwhile, at the Quality Hill Boutique Mall are similar measures in place. Food outlets like Uganda’s best Belgian restaurant, Le Chateau Brasserie Belge and the home of Chocolate Croissants, La Patisserie, in conjunction with sister operation Le Gourmet, the city’s best delicatessen shop, are now offering their clients a delivery service at a very nominal cost.
Be it La Patisserie’s wide range of superb pastries and breads or Le Gourmet’s selection of cheeses, cold cuts, sausages, meats and other items, all can now be ordered online and will be delivered at a rapid pace.

In fact does Le Gourmet publish an extensive list of new arrivals and special offers once a week, coming by email to subscribers or via social media to everyone on Facebook.

The same applies to The Pantry’s wine and spirit selection, for which orders can be placed too online and will be delivered on the same day.
Le Petit Village Hotel, a 12 all suite property, too remains open for guests who can be assured that they enter a safe haven.

Staff are properly attired, reflecting a well regulated health and safety regime and sanitizers are in constant use to ensure that items packed will be free of any contamination, giving peace of mind to the clients.
Payment can be effected cashless with credit cards or Mobile Money but cash is still accepted.




While admittedly occupancies in Kampala are presently moving towards the bottom basement across the board as a result of the country closing her borders, does this not mean that standards in the city’s leading hotels are lowered for cost reasons and at the expense of guests’ safety.
Leading brands, always a good choice!

Many thanks for the support received from James Odenyo at Serena, Basil Hamadeh at Mestil, Jacqueline Nalubega at Sheraton and Stephan Duyck at Quality Hill Boutique Mall.