– Coronavirus pandemic: Namibia closes several ports of entry for travel!

Namibia’s Cabinet has decided to further strengthens its measures to combat the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The travel ban, which previously only affected citizens from affected countries, namely Schengen States, China, Iran, Korea, United Kingdom, United States of America and Japan, is now extended to all countries around the World for a period of thirty days and applies to all Namibians and permanent residents. All returning Namibians and Permanent residents of Namibia and Permanent residents arriving from high-risk countries are subjected to mandatory supervised quarantine for 14 days, at own cost. Internal travel restrictions will apply with respect to the Khomas region and the Erongo region, for a period of 21 days starting on 27 March 2020 and ending on 16 April 2020. As part of the new measures, Namibia has also closed the following ports of entry for travel:

  • Oshikango (Angola)
  • Katwitwi (Angola)
  • Wenela (Zambia)
  • Buitepos (Botswana)
  • Ariamsvlei (South Africa)
  • Noordoewer (South Africa)
  • Luderitz (sea)
  • Walvis Bay (sea)

Regarding trade, special exemptions will apply: “Special dispensation applies to business, commerce and trade missions and activities only from neighboring countries, on a reciprocal basis, to facilitate the flow of supplies, goods, commodities and services into Namibia.”

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