Kenya publishes list of 86 ‘Quarantine Hotels’ across the country


(Posted 26th of March 2020)

Kenya has taken further steps to provide transparent information about the presently 86 hotels selected across the country for quarantine of visitors, who are now under current #COVID19 regulations required to stay at a designated facility for 14 days.

The lists provided are published here on to provide readers with up to date information and details and remove any level of obscurity or rumours from the scene:

Other countries in the region are now challenges to equally provide transparent and immediate information about the locations where individuals needed to undergo quarantine can go, including the prices for full board accommodation and without any hidden add on extras like taxes, service charges and fees.
Once available will also publish the information from other East African countries.

Meanwhile are reports coming in from Kenya and the region that a number of hotels, resorts and lodges have already closed or are in the process to put closure logistics into place. The resulting loss of jobs will be massive and the regional governments – which over the years had made it a bad habit to milk the last ounce of taxes and fees from the tourism sector – are now challenged to give back and offer protection to the thousands of staff now struggling for their survival.

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