#Kampala’s top Belgian restaurant intensifies delivery services


(Posted 30th March 2020)

TripAdvisor earlier today called on their subscriber community to support their local restaurants:

Support local restaurants: Order takeout or delivery
Many amazing restaurants are struggling to keep their doors open right now. Looking for a great way to support them while keeping your social distance? Order delivery or takeout from those offering it — a local favorite, or even a place you’ve always wanted to try.

See the list

That move goes hand in hand with the efforts of ATCNews.org to promote exactly that, whereby customers in Kampala will have the opportunity to order home delivery from some of the city’s finest restaurants and of late even hotels – and we tried it out and have the story to tell.

One of Kampala’s top restaurants, Le Chateau | Brasserie Belge – and sister opérations La Patisserie and Le Gourmet, all located on the Quality Hill Boutique Mall, have turned their attention to home deliveries of their creations, now that less and less customers venture out even though no formal lockdown is in place as of now in Uganda.

The company is now delivering anything from their famous ‘Bottomless Brunch‘ to other regular menu items, bread, pastries and the very wide range of delicatessen from Le Gourmet. Orders can be placed by phone, through the message platform on their websites (shown below) and via WhatsApp (+256 791 572701), the easiest way as directions to one’s residence can also be given by such means.

Preparations and packaging, as is the dispatch, meet the standards required by local health authorities and the Ugandan Ministry of Health and can be safely received and consumed. Management of the businesses have given assurances that not only are the boxes being sanitized before and after every use, but that the dispatch motorbike too receives a washdown before every delivery goes underway. Gloves and masks too are changed for every trip so customers can have peace of mind.

Once delivered does a customer then have to empty the boxes before paying with a credit card, unless payment has been made in advance with Mobile Money remittance – cash however is no longer an option due to health concerns vis a vis currency notes.

Once the goodies have been unpacked are the boxes then given back to the delivery man, who returns with them to the base for disinfection and to dispatch the next order.

What remains for the customer then is to put all the food, from soup to salads to main courses to dessert, into serving dishes, perhaps give the warm food a quick microwave heat up and hey presto is a superb meal ready to eat.

The cost of a ‘Bottomless Brunch‘ box is 150.000 Uganda Shillings, a bottle of bubbly included, which easily serves two as experienced yesterday, when a full table was fed with the content of two boxes with plenty to spare for dinner.

Not being able to or not wanting to go and eat out does no longer have to prevent a connoisseur from forgoing a great meal, now that the option of home delivery is available and deliveries are free of cost.

For more information about menu choices click on http://lechateaukampala.com
and also visit the sites of Le Gourmet, La Patisserie and The Pantry while at it.






All left to say now is ‘Bon Appetit

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