Quo Vadis China – no lessons learned


(Posted 30th March 2020)

Conservation Action Trust
South Africa wants to promote wildlife consumption

25th March 2020 | ACF | Elisabetta Corrà |

South Africa is turning towards the implementation of new laws that fully allows the economic exploitation of wildlife. The intention is to market the use of all kinds of wild species, including giraffes, zebras, emu, and duikers, in order to produce cheap meat. However, the current corona virus crisis shows this can be a public … Full Story →

Scales tip in favour of pangolins as hosts of Coronavirus ‘transition’

25th March 2020 | Daily Maverick | Don Pinnock and Tiara Walters |

As the Covid-19 pandemic spreads its tentacles across all continents except Antarctica, scientists in China and the US are racing to pin down its biological origins. Mounting findings across the globe highlight the world’s most trafficked mammal as the likely pandemic carrier.  A new paper by four Chinese researchers says the acute pneumonia that has killed almost … Full Story →


25th March 2020 | EMS Foundation | Michele Pickover |

AN OPEN LETTER TO THE MINISTER OF THE ENVIRONMENT, FORESTRY AND FISHERIES BARBARA CREECY 25th March 2020  Dear Honourable Minister Creecy, Since at least as far back as the late 1990s, various NGOs have warned your department about the harmful and negative effects of breeding lions (and other big cats) in captivity. Yet, the South … Full Story →

Botswana’s conservation policies driven by profit, not science

22nd March 2020 | Daily Maverick | Jared Kukura |

When Botswana banned hunting in 2014, proponents of ‘sustainable utilisation’ of wildlife claimed the government was pandering to emotions and ignoring science. The decision, they said, was an example of foreign animal rights activists and organisations influencing conservation practices to the detriment of African people and wildlife. Following Botswana’s hunting ban, stories and studies emerged … Full Story →

Covid-19: Planet Earth fights back

17th March 2020 | Daily Maverick | Swati Thiyagarajan |

The flip side to Covid-19 is first the understanding that we are not invincible and are just another species on this planet. That the world is round and a crisis in one place can become a crisis in every place. That we are only as strong as our most vulnerable people, and systems put in … Full Story →

Unbelievable: Chinese Gov’t recommends injections containing bear bile to treat coronavirus

23rd March 2020 | EIA | Environmental Investigation Agency |

Despite a scientific consensus pointing to China’s wildlife trade as the most likely cause of the coronavirus pandemic, the country’s Government is currently touting a treatment containing bile milked from bears held in captivity. Bile is a digestive fluid produced by the liver and stored in the gallbladder. It is harvested using several techniques, all … Full Story →

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