Safarilink adjusts domestic flight schedules to fit curfew hours in Kenya


(Posted 31st of March 2020)

Safarilink, operating out of Wilson Airport, as well as other airlines offering domestic flight services, have been forced to adjust their flight schedules to ensure passengers can still reach home after landing without violating curfew orders.
Safarilink’s flights to Kisumu and other destinations across Kenya, which used to return to Wilson at dusk, now land hours earlier so that travelers can be home before the 7 pm curfew strikes. Flights into the national parks have, following the closure of most lodges and tented camps, been suspended while flights to other domestic destinations for now remain on the schedule.
The same applies for morning departures from Wilson Airport, where schedules have been adjusted to allow passengers to leave home after the curfew is lifted every morning and still make it to Wilson Airport for check in.
It is understood that the same applies for Jambojet and Kenya Airways domestic flights operating out of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, to again facilitate timely return home after the last afternoon flights have landed at JKIA.
A regular aviation source from Nairobi added, that should flights for technical reasons arrive late in Nairobi, passengers might be forced to spend the night at the airport unless they break curfew orders with all the possible consequences inflicted upon them by police and security operatives.

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