2.000 tourists remain in the #Seychelles after halt to flights


(Posted 04th April 2020)

It was learned overnight that at least 1.999 tourists are still in the Seychelles, after the last repatriation flight left Mahe on the 31st of March with some 156 passengers on board.
The Air Belgium flight was organized by both French Embassy and British High Commission and was operating under the auspices of the European Union.
The one way ticket cost travelers some 750 Euros and it is understood that 10 nationalities were on board that flight, which brought them to Paris from where they had to find their own way back to their home countries. Nationalities were given as German, French, Dutch, Belgian, Italy, Switzerland and the UK, among others.
Seychelles closed the islands for international air traffic as a prevention measure to avoid more Corona Virus cases being brought to the islands.

With many hotels now closing has the Seychelles government taken a decision to put up the stranded tourists though no location was availed to ATCNews.
The tourists will now only be able to return home after air traffic has resumed and will have to get rebooked by their respective airlines. Their tourist Visas were extended until that time.

Meanwhile was it also learned that the Avani Barbarons Resort has, after the Berjaya Beach Resort & Casino, also been designated as a treatment and quarantine facility. The resort is reportedly owned by Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan who directed that the hotel be availed to the Seychelles government for use during the COVID19 crisis.

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