#BrusselsAirlines operates repatriation flight out of Entebbe


(Posted 05th April 2020)

Last evening, Saturday 04th of April, did a Brussels Airlines Airbus A330, which had arrived empty in Entebbe just hours earlier, board a full contingent of passengers of various EU nations, including Belgians, to return them back to Europe.
The passengers were stranded after their regular return flights had suddenly been cancelled and they were unable to return home.
While regular scheduled passenger flights are presently halted, do cargo flights and such special relief missions receive clearance from Uganda to fly into Entebbe.
Several Ugandan government departments provided special clearances for the travelers to first reach Kampala, in some cases from upcountry, and then begin their road journey to the Entebbe International Airport.
There, observing strict social distancing regulations, where they processed through security, checked in, cleared by immigration before eventually boarding their flight.
Thanks are extended to Brussels Airlines for stepping up on the occasion, the Belgian Embassy, the EU Mission to Uganda and other participating embassies for making this possible.

Sadly though have some Ugandans on social media used the occasion to rant and vent, the worst of them one Laura LK Kema who posted this online at the Belgian Embassy Facebook Page:

This is the time to name and shame such misguided individuals, expose them for who they are and offer appreciation to other Ugandans, such as Kawooya Mike and Isaac Gibulo for their positive sentiments shown on the occasion. The Ugandan people have always been warmly welcoming to visitors from abroad and will no doubt embrace them once more – when the Corona Virus outbreak has ended – with open arms when the tourists return to the Pearl of Africa.

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