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During these difficult and unprecedented times when many of us are self-isolating at home and unable to travel because of the Pandemic afflicting so much of the world, we thought we’d let you know that we are now bringing East Africa and its wildlife a little closer to you by sharing our latest daily sightings from Kenya which you can see as video clips and images on a new page on our website as well as on our Facebook page.

Right now our Porini Camps are temporarily closed to guests but we hope to be open again by June as usual and in the meantime our expert safari guides Wilson Kasaine and Daniel Mamai from Porini Amboseli Camp and Jimmy Lemara from Porini Mara Camp together with Conservancy Warden Simon Nkoitoi are keeping us updated on the wildlife viewing in Ol Kinyei Conservancy (Maasai Mara) and Selenkay Conservancy (Amboseli).

We are sharing their images and videos via our Gamewatchers & Porini Camps Facebook page [Click Here] and also on our website [Click Here] so you can keep updated and see the latest sightings, including a shot of the rare Aardwolf marking its territory in Ol Kinyei Conservancy.

Yesterday Jimmy watched lions of the Sampu-Enkare breakaway pride – seeing eight of them in total – and he also had some good viewing of Kini the four year old leopardess.

This morning Jimmy watched a large group of elephants moving across the open plains in the conservancy looking very relaxed and obviously happy with all the new grass and vegetation following the recent rains.
And here are just a few of the other images and videos the guides have shared in the last couple of days.
Listening for Birds at Porini Amboseli Camp

Early on Tueday morning our Maasai safari guide and bird expert Wilson Kasaine identified some of the birds that can be heard from within Porini Amboseli Camp when he took a video of a walk around the camp and identified 12 different bird species from their calls in less than 5 minutes…

The award-winning Porini Amboseli camp is set in Kenya’s Amboseli eco-system within the exclusive Selenkay Conservancy – an important dispersal area for wildlife moving out of Amboseli National Park.

This private conservation area ensures the best possible game viewing in proper off-road safari vehicles, off the beaten track and away from other tourist vans and minibuses.

Appreciating all creatures great and small

From Porini Safari Camps guests can often see Africa’s "Big Five" species, but on daily walks with our Maasai safari guides they also get to meet some of the smaller animals that are no less interesting. A dung beetle rolling its prized ball of dung is always a popular find!

It is important to remember that it’s the tourism revenue received from guests staying at our Porini Camps that pays the rents to the Maasai families who lease us their plots of land which form each conservancy as well as paying the wages for all the Maasai staff who work in the camps and as rangers in the conservancies.

So we depend entirely on tourism for the conservancies to continue in existence and once things are back to normal we would be delighted to welcome you on an East African safari to refresh the spirit by getting close to nature.

If you have not yet finalised plans for your next safari then do get in touch using our online contact form or simply hit reply to this email and let us know how we can assist.

We hope that you and your family stay safe and well over the coming weeks and we will be glad to hear from you if you would like our help with your safari plans.

Best wishes,

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Managing Director

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P.S. The huge variety of different wildlife species that can be seen in East Africa is quite amazing, and you can follow this link to access our Guide to Mammals
which lists all those that I have seen personally on wildlife viewing drives from our own Porini Camps. I hope that you will find it interesting!

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