#Seychelles National Parks adds 15 hiking trails to their offerings


(Posted 07th March 2020)

In 2017 did the Seychelles National Parks Authority publish a new guide book named ‘Hiking in Seychelles‘ in which routes, maps and features of some 15 hiking trails across the islands are described.
Centre piece of the hiking activity is the Morne National Park on the main island of Mahe, which comprises over 3.000 hectares of forest land or some 20 percent of the island’s size. An extensive trail network criss crosses the park making it a popular destination for both tourists and locals.
One of the major features, presently still accessible free of charge, is Mission Lodge or Venn’s Town, from where sweeping views across the island are possible, besides the well preserved and marked ruins of the first school ever build on the islands for slave children.
With the introduction of 15 new trails does SNPA now look after a total of 25 trails, some of which are also found on the islands of Praslin and La Digue.
SNPA last weekend announced that extra investments in infrastructure had been completed, such as shelters, benches for rest and washrooms.
While tourists now have to pay a 7 US Dollar fee is access to all the trails for local Seychellois free of charge.
All trails have been inspected and walked by SNPA staff to ensure they are safe for tourists.
Seychelles was planning to host an international nature trail competition on the 03rd of May, but given the present restrictions placed on the arrival of foreign nationals from countries suffering from the COVID19 outbreak, is it right now doubtful that this date can be maintained.

For added information click on https://www.snpa.gov.sc or check out https://www.snpa.gov.sc/index.php/downloads/guides-and-maps

This follows hot on the heels of the Seychelles’ declaration to further protect some 30 percent of their territorial waters as a marine conservation zone, covering some 410.000 square kilometres of ocean. Included are the waters around Aldabra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site but also around the Amirantes island group and Bird Island among others.The Seychelles presently have some 18 marine national parks or protected areas.
The declaration came according to information from Victoria 10 years ahead of the initial time frame, putting the Seychelles in pole position in global comparison.

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