#AirSeychelles starts to use their passenger jets as cargo aircraft


(Posted 08th April 2020)

Air Seychelles has today announced that the national carrier will be operating a series of cargo flights across the region to maintain the import and export supply chain in the Seychelles.
The decision to operate all-cargo flights, follows the closure of the Seychelles International Airport for commercial passenger services and the soaring demand in the market to ensure the supply of essential goods are adequately met.
The first cargo flight was operated from Abu Dhabi to the Seychelles on Monday, 06th of April by the airlines’ A320neo aircraft S7-VEV.
The airline carried a total of 10 tons of goods to the island comprising of food products, courier and a large proportion of medical supplies which is pivotal for the fight against COVID-19.
The same aircraft operated a second cargo flight from Johannesburg to Seychelles on Tuesday, 07th of April carrying mostly pharmaceuticals, perishables and general cargo weighing over 6 tons.
Besides loading these items in the cargo and baggage hold of the aircraft, the airline has also transformed the passenger cabin, so additional cargo can be carried in the seats and overhead storage compartments.

Charles Johnson, Chief Commercial Officer of Air Seychelles said: “As the national carrier, and following our mandate to ensure continuity of trade with the Seychelles, we are pleased to work with local companies to coordinate their inbound cargo requests with countries where borders remains open. Starting this week we are also operating cargo-only flights to Dubai (DXB) and Johannesburg on a weekly basis. Additional destinations are available upon request.”

To meet the requirements of the regulator and the local health authorities, the cargo flights are being operated under strict guidance of the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority and local Ministry of Health.

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