#Covidiots prompt Uganda’s government to further tighten the rules


(Posted 09th April 2020)

(President Museveni signals a stop to irresponsible practices as #COVID19 rules are tightened)

Following the discovery that Ugandans by their hundreds defied social distancing orders when jogging on deserted highways – as seen on traffic CCTV – did President Museveni crack down further on the ‘rules of engagement’, of course also affecting those who obeyed the rules.
Social media branded the individuals seen in the picture above as #Covidiots, suggesting that they lack the brains to understand the meaning of social distancing and avoiding clusters of people.
Now jogging has been banned for the time being on public roads with the President suggesting people should exercise from their homes and gardens.
Misuse of Boda Boda movements too was revealed through traffic CCTV cameras which resulted in crucial home deliveries only possible up to 2 pm, at which times the boda boda operators must stop moving.
This has immediately affected delivery services which previously had at least 4 more hours to dispatch ordered goods.
Movement of empty pickups too has now been restricted as police organs have identified malpractices through the use of CCTV across Kampala.
Finally has the President given arrest powers to police to end parties in private homes, which in some cases have been converted into de facto bars after drinking places were closed down in the very first government directive given after the first #COVID19 case was detected in Uganda.
Organizers of such private parties can expect to be arrested and charged with attempted murder in line with additional regulations passed in Uganda to prevent the spread of the disease.
As of this afternoon has Uganda recorded 53 cases all of which are under quarantine in various health facilities across the country.

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