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Special Message from the President and CEO of CCA

Corporate Council on Africa
Dear CCA Members and Friends,
I hope that this message finds you, your family, and colleagues healthy and safe. Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) understands that with more than 1.5 million people infected globally…Read More>>

IMF Announces Debt Relief for African Nations to Fight Pandemic
The International Monetary Fund has approved a $500 million package to give six months of debt relief to developing nations struggling with the coronavirus pandemic…Read more>>

African Countries that faced Ebola outbreaks use lesson to fight COVID-19, experts say
NBC News
African countries previously hit by deadly Ebola outbreaks are using the lessons they learned to fight the coronavirus pandemic, experts say, because they know how to rapidly track down, screen and quarantine potential patients…Read more>>


Tourism, aviation industry re-strategize for post COVID-19 business

Players in the tourism and aviation industries should use the COVID-19 induced lockdown period to re-strategize and innovate on new ideas to be able to rise again after the global recession…Read more>>

Why this is right time for tourism sector to rethink marketing strategy
Standard Digital
The year begun on a positive note for Kenya’s tourism with the country receiving 1,444,670 arrivals between July 2019 and February 2020; compared to 1,423,548 over the same period last year…Read more>>

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