#TUIFly evacuates more EU citizens from Africa


(Posted 23rd April 2020)

(Pictures courtesy of Belgian Embassy Facebook page)

Another EU organized evacuation flight is now in the air, bringing EU citizens from Tanzania, Uganda and Egypt back to Europe on board a TUIFly Boeing B787.
At least 50 Europeans, including Belgians and Dutch citizens, were taken on board in Entebbe while the remaining 200 plus seats were allocated to EU citizens in need of evacuation from Tanzania and from Egypt.
The Belgian Embassy in Uganda, on behalf of the EU community in Uganda, thanked local authorities for the necessary approvals, logistics and facilitation to bring the passengers from Kampala to the international airport.
The aircraft is presently on the ground in Cairo but expected to take off shortly for the flight back to Europe.
Safe journey to all on board and be safe, wherever you are heading to in Europe after your arrival in Amsterdam .

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