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Kruger Park - Lions taking advantage of the absent tourists
April 2020
Our warmest greetings to all our of wonderful guests and followers!

By now you have been inundated with untold numbers of emails, mailers and messages about ‘that-which-shall-not-be-named’. We shall not inundate you with more of the same, I’m sure your local news is doing a great job of keeping you well informed (and probably well fed-up) with news of ‘that-which-shall-not-be-named’. We of course offer our condolences to any and all those who have been personally affected by this terrible event. We hope, however, that our newsletter will bring a few moments of break from the mundane sameness of the past few weeks, and remind you of what is out there to be looked forward to once we are free to roam once more!

Have you seen the lions lounging on the road in the Kruger Park? While the world is in isolation, the wild creatures have come out to play! Click on the image above to go to Kruger Park’s Twitter page for more pictures.

As we are still all in lock down, and we are sure you are yearning about getting outdoors, we will be focusing our social media around some simple, fun participation activities to do whilst being confined to your homes, so be sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram to be part of the action! We will also be doing something on our YouTube channel so subscribe and watch that space.

And finally, now that you have more time to read, here’s a list of some of our activities at Tomjachu so that we can start to whet your appetite about what you would most like to when you come out of lock down – we have so much on offer here so get planning for the future!

Identify the Bird Quiz
Identify the Bird Quiz
We have decided to launch a fun little bird identification quiz starting in MAY and would be thrilled if you feel like participating. Every Monday we will post a picture of one of our 265 beautiful birds that we see on the reserve and we invite you to identify it. If you have a bird book at home, feel free to cheat and if you have no idea, make up your own name and make us laugh! At the end of the day, I, Jack will let you know what the true identification of the bird is. Head over and follow our Facebook page now, to make sure you don’t miss the posts. As a subscriber to our newsletter, you get to be an early bird, by seeing the first Monday bird above, before anyone else!
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Symphony Dam and the larger South Dam contain a variety of wild bass, bream, and barbel, who take well to a variety of lures and even fly. Simply cast your line and let time fly by while you drink in the magic of a Lowveld sunset over the water, as the Thick-Billed Weavers chatter noisily in the reeds and the antelope come to the water’s edge to join you for a sundowner drink.
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Bush Dinner
Bush Dinner Experience
A truly unforgettable experience. Enjoy a short nature drive and watch the mountains turn pink in the fading sunset light, before meandering further down the valley to be welcomed by a crackling fire, fine wines, the scent of delicious food being prepared, and your hosts for the evening.
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Nature Drive
Nature Drives
Climb into our open Safari Land Rover, affectionately nicknamed ‘Shrek’, with a knowledgeable guide to take you into the mountain bushveld for a close encounter with a variety of game, bird species and diverse plant life.
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Experience the ultimate connection with nature as you explore the heavens through a Night Sky Safari with Celestial Events SA. Learn about the Milky Way, constellations and their mythologies and enjoy unparalled views of various deep sky objects through our professional Meade GPS telescope!
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Our most recent reviews…

A beautifully Accomodation in the Bush!

A beautifully place in the nature with very friendly and helpfully owner and staffs writh very nice rooms/ houses. The foot also is very
good. If you are looking for comfortable and quite place to relax and walk in the Bush with the animals or to have an game drive with Marius the Ranger that is the perfekt place!
Thank you Jack! – gheima808860

Amazing Gem

The property, cottages, and scenery are so beautiful that you don’t think it can get any better, but then you meet the staff. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Chefs Flone and Solomon, Abigail, and everyone else who took care of us during our three night stay. They packed picnics for us, served us dinner under the stars, arranged an amazing safari experience, and set me up with a mountain bike to tackle the trails. The meals were so delicious and they were incredibly accommodating to my wife’s dietary restrictions. It was the perfect place to unplug and unwind. Sometimes zebras would greet us at our cottage. On our bike ride and hike we saw kudu, giraffe, zebra, ostrich, wildebeest, and impala. It’s really spectacular. To the Tomjachu staff: Thank you for being the most memorable part of our honeymoon in SA! – nhakim270054

At Tomjachu we are keeping ourselves and our staff positive, and as always there is plenty of work to be done to keep the property maintained during this time. Our staff are about to embark on a long month of invasive plant removal which will keep us all very fit and healthy. Plants like indian guava and south-american Lantana are the primary targets, and with machetes in hand our team will make a formidable sight, and hopefully make a formidable dent in the relentless encroachment of foreign plants onto the reserve.

We hope to see you soon!
Kind Regards,

Jack Fillery

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