#QatarAirways flies 110 stranded tourists out of the #Seychelles


(Posted 04th May 2020)

Qatar Airways last week flew out 110 stranded tourists from the Seychelles’ International Airport on Mahe to Doha, after receiving approval for the repatriation flight from the government.
The tourists were stranded when the Seychelles went into lockdown mode and had been unable to return home with their prebooked flights nor were they able to find seats on previous repatriation services operated out of Mahe.
Qatar Airways has since the start of the global pandemic returned more than a million stranded travelers to their home countries, first into Doha and from there to a location in their home countries or near them.
Meanwhile was it also learned that Air Seychelles is in discussions with the Russian Embassy to fly stranded tourists from Russia on a charter flight back to Moscow and when available will details be shared here.
This flight was also due to collect Russian citizens from Mauritius and Tanzania but due to the routing could not secure a permit as a result of one of the stopover locations not meeting Seychelles’ quarantine requirements.

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