Air Cargo to form backbone of operations for now …


(Posted 06th May 2020)

 15 flights operated in April 2020.
 Over 73 tons of cargo carried including 26 tons of medical supplies.

Air Seychelles has today announced that the airline will continue to offer cargo services amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic to ensure medical supplies and essential commodities in the Seychelles are adequately met.
In April 2020, the national airline carried over 73 tons of cargo into the Seychelles after having operated 15 flights across its regional network.
Majority of the flights were operated to Dubai since it is the global hub for cargo operations currently. Additional flights were also operated to Johannesburg, Mauritius, Colombo and Mumbai.

Amongst the cargo carried, 25 tons comprised of medical supplies such as face masks, protective covers, gloves and sanitizers, in addition to general pharmaceuticals items. Other cargo consisted of perishable goods, raw materials, spare parts and courier deliveries.

Air Seychelles Chief Executive Officer, Remco Althuis said: “As the sole carrier operating in the Seychelles, Air Seychelles is achieving its mandate of keeping the country connected to the region by providing valuable cargo services.
The cargo team, led by Juliette Pascal, has worked around the clock, ensuring vital medical and pharmaceutical goods, perishables, including a wide variety of other cargo commodities necessary to keep various industries running entered the country.”

In order to streamline its operations and rapidly adapt to the changing business environment, Air Seychelles adopted the current global practice by carrying cargo in the belly, passenger seats and overhead stowage of its aircraft as approved by the regulatory authorities.

Air Seychelles operated its first cargo flight on Monday, 6 April 2020, from Abu Dhabi to the Seychelles carrying 10 tons of goods to the island of which a large proportion was COVID-19 medical supplies.
The airline A320neo jetliner, of which Air Seychelles operates two, can carry up to 13 tons of cargo in total, of which 8 tons of cargo can be placed in the belly and 5 tons in the cabin of its aircraft.

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