Taita Hills and Salt Lick lodges return to the owners portfolio


(Posted 07th May 2020)

The news that Sarova Hotels will return Taita Hills and Salt Lick safari lodges to the actual owners of the two properties came for many in Kenya and the region as a surprise.
Yet, the impact of COVID19 on the East African tourism and hospitality industry, and in particular that of Kenya, made this an almost inevitable move, leaving Sarova Hotels with properties at the coast, in Nairobi and upcountry they own, apart from the Woodlands Hotel in Nakuru which they manage on behalf of the owners.
Reactions from Sarova are at hand as per the letter above and comments are awaited from the owners, also well known to ATCNews, which directions the two safari lodges but also the game sanctuary are to take come 01st of July this year.

It is anticipated that guests staying at coastal sister operations will be able to access special deals for resort residents to spend two nights at the Taita Hills private game sanctuary, with a night each at Taita Hills and Salt Lick. Besides excellent game viewing and access to Tsavo West and Tsavo East national parks, are both lodges perfectly positioned to offer big game experience with an all tarmac access from Mombasa.
The area around the lodge is also of great historical significance, as World War I battles took place when German troops under the command of General von Lettow Vorbeck held positions inside the Kenyan territory until late 1915, before being dislodged following an assault by allied troops commanded by General Jan Smuts, who had taken overall command for the East African campaign.

ATCNews had in the past published a series of articles under the heading ‘Battlefield East Africa‘ which can be accessed via https://atcnews.org/?s=Battlefield+East+Africa

It is not at this stage known if General Manager Willie Mwadilo will take up a new position within Sarova Hotels or if he will remain as General Manager for the owners, when they take over the management in July.

To all the staff at the two lodges the best wishes for their future, many thanks to Sarova Hotels for past hospitality in Taita Hills and Salt Lick and best of success to owners of the two lodges to reinvent safaris to the game reserve and turn it into the coast region’s premier conservancy.

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