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(Posted 07th May 2020)

News from around Southern Africa

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Game Rangers at Itezhi-Tezhi
A Tribute to Ruger, a Working Dog
BioCarbon takes on another forest
Zambia Primate Project grades new Access Road
Zambia Traditional History – the Kunda
Lion has porcupine quills in his nose in Hwange
New Coal Power Plant for Zim
Chobe Floodplain
Elephant Moved from near Swakopmund
Amazing Photographs of the Namib Desert
African Parks moves into Iona National Park in Angola
Rangers killed in Virungu National Park, DRC
Many more Vulture Deaths
Conservation Crisis – a game
How can we bring the tourists back?

Some Videos

Happy Hippo goes to the beach (Mozambique)
Peace Parks Foundation
In current times, most of us can merely dream of a relaxing holiday along international shores. However, this happy hippopotamus made the most of the deserted beaches of the Lubombo Transfrontier Conservation Area this week. …
With thanks to the producer Thiago Fonseca for allowing us to share his beautiful video.

Kagiso Kwelagobe (Botswana promotional video)
Shout out to Botswana Tourism for this. You have captured this beautifully in a way that instills hope for the future. I know I gave you a hard time about this but boy did you shut me up. To the team that put this together, in the words of Sonny Serite,

Wild Luangwa Moments – Earth Day 2020 Mfuwe Elephants
The Bushcamp Company (South Luangwa)
In honor of Earth Day, a reminder of why looking after Mother Earth is so important
Video for The Bushcamp Company by Matt Clarke

Mbizo Consulting and Tours (Sefula, Western Zambia)
We went exploring this part of western Zambia a couple of years back. Very much a preliminary visit, and we look forward to going back as we have many unanswered questions and sites to visit. The Barotse Floodplain is a unique place, and is currently under review as a World Heritage Site. We were privileged to be one of those asked to assess the application documents. We also hope to assist the community in formulating a plan to safeguard the royal graves. Cannot wait to get out of lockdown and back on the road.

Tony Barnett Productions (Victoria Falls)
You simply won’t believe your eyes how the mist of the falls gets you absolutely soaked

Africa Geographic (South Luangwa)
This bull elephant was spotted near Time + Tide Africa in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park doing an impressive balancing act in his attempt to reach fresh foliage!

The Bushcamp Company (South Luangwa)
Well, this is unexpected on the first of May!
Just now at Mfuwe Lodge
Video by Andy Hogg

Ngonye Falls
Royal Barotse Safaris

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