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April Edition 2020
Nature, Conservation and the Pandemic

Guest opinion

Even amid the Covid-19 pandemic, wildlife roam free in their protected grounds, and in our imaginations. We can picture an elephant herd at a water hole, lion cubs tussling in tall grass. A nature-loving global public cherish such scenes, and in 2018 wildlife tourism directly contributed US$ 120.1 billion to helping grow the economies of many nations.

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Poisoning Animals Not a Solution to Predator Conflicts
A few weeks ago three camels were killed by lions in Northern Laikipia, Kenya. We knew the situation was dire and unfortunately, the COVID-19 crisis meant that most of our team were scattered across the country and unable to urgently attend the scene due to travel restrictions.

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A Big Boost for Ngusishi WRUA
Ngusishi WRUA has continuously demonstrated the viability of the WRUA concept. The good relationship between the community, stakeholders and the government has enabled the WRUA get help for water development projects.
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Ol Pejeta Conservancy Calls For Creativity to Support Conservation
If you are between the ages of 5 and 18, an aspiring artist and looking for a project to sink your teeth into as well as do good for conservation in this time of international crisis; then this is for you!
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They Are Back In Their Trillions
East Africa Faced With a Second Wave of Desert Locusts
The East Africa region is currently facing a second wave of locust invasions that could cause more damage than the first invasion. Compared to the first generation that hit the region about two months ago, the second generation of swarms is being recorded in their trillions.
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Laikipia Forest Conservation In The Midst of COVID-19
April has been a low-key month for the Ilmamusi Mukogodo Forest Association. Most activities have been halted due to COVID -19.
Community members living around the forest have formed a cooperative society known as Dupoto Beekeepers.

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Tourism, Wildlife Conservation and Covid 19
Tourism has become one of the country’s biggest Corona Virus victims. It has exhibited all the symptoms – shortness of breath, fatigue, fevered calls for help, and a high temperature of anxiety about the future.

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