#Segera launches ‘Tree of Life’ initiative


(Posted 12th May 2020)

Segera — located at the heart of Laikipia Plateau — is a wildlife sanctuary where your inspirational journey provides a positive impact on the land and its people.
Nestled between Mount Kenya to the east and the Great Rift Valley to the west, the Segera Retreat makes its home on 20,000 hectares (50,000 acres) of preserved land where our sustainable lifestyle is focused around conservation, community, culture and commerce (4Cs).
The conservancy, ranked a 5 star property – the only one north of the equator in Kenya – has now launched a unique tree planting project, aided by the ongoing heavy rains which will help the tree seedlings take root and get ready for the next dry season.

Said Jens Kozany of Segera to ATCNews: ‘It is the first step in our ambitious new goal to restore critical landscapes and preserve biodiversity for future generations.
Deforestation in Kenya is gathering global attention due to the decrease in forest cover from 10% to 6% over the last decade. The long-term effects of deforestation have a critically negative impact on the environment, affecting not only plant and animal life, but also the wellbeing of human communities who rely on the fertility of the land for their own prosperity.
Planting began this April with over 100,000 seedlings already planted. The reforestation initiative, termed ‘Rhino Tree of Life’ will be in the shape of a rhinoceros.
Our goal is to plant up to 1 million indigenous trees in the coming years, with 90% of these tree seedlings being cultivated, grown and planted by a newly established ‘Academy for Arborists, Gardeners and Permaculture’ on Segera.

We are grateful to everyone who has supported this initiative by donating $1. Every dollar counts as this is a hugely important initiative considering the scale of mass deforestation in the country. It provides an opportunity to not only restore the landscape and biodiversity but also to provide education and long-term employment opportunities for our local communities‘.

Segera is a Long Run Destination. Long Run Destinations are carefully selected by the Zeitz Foundation for their commitment to enacting the 4Cs.

For added information check out their websites:

www.Segera.com www.wilderness-collection.com www.TheLongRun.com www.ZeitzFoundation.org

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