– Airlink and South African Airways reached agreement for the re-accommodation of tickets issued by SAA for travel on Airlink flights!

South African regional carrier Airlink has reached agreement with South African Airways (SAA), which is in business rescue since 05 December 2019, regarding the re-accommodation of tickets issued by SAA after 06 December 2019 for travel on Airlink flights. The airline’s ticketing team will manage the re-issue and re-accommodation process. Once tickets have been re-accommodated and re-issued, Airlink customers will be able to contact the airline’s customer care team to arrange their re-booking.
According to the new terms of Airlink’s (discontinued) franchise relationship with South African Airways, the revenue from ticket sales will stay with South African Airways for all SAA-issued “083” tickets on Airlink “SA8” flights until such time as the flight liability has been fulfilled.
The re-accommodation agreement will allow the transfer of the ticket sale revenue – together with liability for service delivery – to Airlink. Therefore, until the re-accommodations have been affected, Airlink cannot arrange re-bookings as the ticket sale revenue is in possession of South African Airways.
The re-accommodation solution does not apply to tickets purchased prior to and including 06 December 2019. Customers holding tickets for this period are advised to refer to South African Airways’ business rescue practioners, Les Matuson and Siviwe Dongwana, for further assistance.

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