– Botswana continues to ease the lockdown: National Parks, Game Reserves and guest houses are allowed to re-open!

In line with Botswana’s stragety of sequentially easing the lockdown restrictions introduced to curb the spread of the coronavirus, the country has finished phase two at midnight (14 May 2020) and now enters into the final phase three from today (15 May 2020) until 22 May 2020. In phase three the National Parks and Game Reserves in Botswana are allowed to re-open. The same applies to museums. Commercial guest houses are also allowed to re-start welcoming guests. International travel remains suspended, but domestic travel between Botswana’s nine Covid-zones is allowed provided that a “green permit” has been previously obtained. Restaurants (for sit down), cinemas, casinos, book shops and curio shops are also permitted to commence operations, but only at 50% (National Parks, Game Reserves, guest houses at 70%) of their staff complement from their lockdown baseline staffing levels.
The minimum requirements for all entities mentioned include:

  • daily Covid-19 temperature screening
  • face mask is mandatory for all
  • 2 to 3 times a day cleaning/desinfection of shared spaces
  • hand sanitizers on entry and frequently thereafter
  • keep a register of all employees, visitors and clients
  • deny entry or service to persons who do not comply

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