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Kampala, Here’s How We Bring You The Best Tastiest Food Money Can Buy


In the last we email got to know each other better, and the new mode of shopping. Until you are freer to move and shop, how can you explore and choose the best quality option?

Trust Le Gourmet
After over 10+ years getting new, top quality products to Kampala – here are our core values:


With our 7 Hills Ranch we control the entire supply chain from Farm To Fork

And it’s so satisfying seeing customers enjoy the quality collection from our partner, Colruyt Group. Bio/ Gluten-free anyone?


Most our developments were Customer suggestions. Tell us your suggestions/ feedback here!

Haven’t fully explored our online collection yet? why not try something new.

When uncertain: Don’t wait, embrace change, and ALWAYS prioritize quality

And remember A chef is not a magician – quality ingredients make the difference! You’ll know when you try. But it is up to you

A 3rd Quality Step?

You already know 2 of them — guess the next. Hate to leave you with a cliffhanger, but the third step is a whole email. Watch out for it in a few days

Meanwhile we hope this video from our team makes you smile

Thanks again,
– Le Gourmet


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