Travel Reflections – courtesy of Alan Dixson

Travel Reflections

It is certainly strange times for us all, our various confined situations and the very sad infection rate and loss of life for so many of our nationalities, and some closer to us. Our sympathies with all who have had close family and friend losses.

Whilst this virus affects the human race, the rest of the world fairly much carries on as before and in Kenya and East Africa the wild spaces are only getting “wilder like the good old days before the early explorer” – almost no game viewing vehicles and tourists driving around looking at them and having those amazing wild experiences!

We, Lets Go Travel Uniglobe just wanted to say hello, and that we are thinking of you, and are here awaiting the better times again, ready to help you with any planning of trips for your couples, families or households – we feel they will be the first to start traveling again out of their “bubble” situation.

At this time we do hope you will find some interesting thoughts which will help you in provoking different outlooks on visits to Kenya by watching these short video clips of a few selected aspects around the country.

  1. Sheldrick Wildlife Trust a video of just under 6 minutes on Saving Wild Lives and Securing Wild Spaces – click here
  2. Lewa Wildlife Conservancy about Community based Conservation, a video of just over 2 minutes – click here
  3. Ol Pejeta Conservancy a video of one and a half minutes, in celebration of World Earth Day – click here
  4. Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) rescuing a baby elephant snared on Ol Pejeta Conservancy a short video clip of 49 seconds – click here

A New Brand Identity for Uniglobe Travel International

Our branding is changing – you ask, why now! Well our travel franchise partner Uniglobe, head office in Vancouver, Canada, actually moved across to the new branding in February this year! Uniglobe, is the oldest travel franchise in the world, been around a little longer than Lets Go Travel – just over 40 years, is excited about its new worldwide brand identity and design that aligns with a more modern travel industry. This reflects its new mission – to drive client’s success through better travel.

With Lets Go Travel being a member of the franchise, independently owned and operated, we have also slightly adjusted our logo to represent the brand identity of our Uniglobe Travel family. So please get used to our new look, and we hope you find it refreshing and modern!

Stay safe, keep in contact, we are here now and in the future to support you.
With best wishes from Alan, Paula, Esther, Simon, Patrick, Martin and Felix, part of our tours desk team. #UStayStrong
Lets Go Travel Uniglobe

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