#Uganda ponders repatriation of citizens stuck in Ethiopia


(Posted 16th May 2020)

There is finally hope for 13 Ugandan citizens who remained in Ethiopia when Uganda at short notice closed her airspace to passenger flights two months ago and they were unable to return home.
It is understood that besides the 13 named in the letter shown above, a very large number of Ugandans are still marooned abroad, including many students in China, where in particular Africans were subjected to abuse and racism as widely reported on regular and social media at the time.
Others have remained in Europe where they must now wait until air transport opens up again.
As and when Ugandans’ are able to fly back home to Entebbe will they have to go into immediate quarantine of at least 14 days, which it will be hoped is better organized – transport from the airport included – than what was witnessed on earlier occasions, when such travellers were without protection bundled into vehicles where social distancing was not observed.
ATCNews will report when repatriation flights will commence.

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